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The purpose of the working group is to foster high quality European university programmes in criminology as well as innovative teaching in this area.

The basic idea is to find a consensus on the substance and processes of teaching (census, standards) while "the challenges" concentrate on the results of teaching (communication with policy and public). Both aspects seem very important. However I would suggest formulating something like goals of the working group to initiate a discourse and to seek consensus/understanding each other on issues of substance of teaching (place for critical criminology, analysis of on-going processes in politics and public), teaching process (innovation, transfer of knowledge, mobility), and the results of teaching (public and professional awareness, influence over decision making processes). In some countries, a very important issue is raising of understanding of public and private sectors for which criminological knowledge is important and useful, it is also important to start a discussion on labour market for criminologists.

Due to a greater transferability of knowledge, mobility and exchange of academicians in the field of criminology plans of the working group for the period 2006-2009 are learning about programmes in criminology, criminal justice, crime prevention and community safety, victimology, etc.; obtaining research grants for creation of a European Higher Education Directory consisting under and post-graduate programmes in the mentioned areas, institutions and professors (teachers) of criminology.

Everyone who is willing to participate in developing the quality of teaching and contributing to the development of standards of criminological programmes in Europe is very welcome.

To participate in the survey on Criminology PhD Programmes in Europe conducted by the ESC European University Curriculum Working Group please click on this link below:


Stephen Case
Gordon Hughes
Adam Edwards
Anna Margaryan
Erich Marks
Algimantas Cepas
Aleksandras Dobryninas
Chris Eskridge
Gorazd Meško

New members welcome!

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