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The victimology working group aims to encourage networking and exchange of ideas, research cooperation as well as development of theoretical knowledge about victims and victimology, and critical analyses of victim related legislations and policies in Europe.

Its specific interests and concerns include:

  1. Victim needs, rights and standing in criminal procedure
  2. International documents and national and European legislations, as well as victim policies and their evaluations
  3. Media representation of victims
  4. Victims of conventional crime, as well as victims of gender-based violence, cross-border crime, terrorism, war crime and gross human rights violation, white collar crime etc.
  5. Politics of victimisation, including particularly political misuse of victims and victimisation
  6. Finding balance between victim's and offender's rights
  7. Development and challenges of victim support in Europe
  8. Victimisations surveys
  9. Victims and crime prevention
  10. Victims and restorative justice

Purposes working group

  1. To develop and propose panel sessions at ESC conferences
  2. To exchange research and publications
  3. To enhance networking and cooperation between victimological scholars in Europe
  4. To provide information on European projects, to cooperate and participate in (the development) of such projects
  5. To develop an overview of university-level victimology courses and teachers
  6. To attract victimological scholars -whether or not they identify themselves as such (transitional justice, human rights, trauma studies, social psycholgy of victimisation) to the ESC conference
  7. To connect European victimologists to Victimology in other parts of the World, for instance Latin America and Asia


Jan van Dijk (Tilburg, chair)

Carina Gallo (Oakland, Californie), Vesna Nikolic (Belgrade), Elmar Weitekamp (Tuebingen), Stephanie Fohring (Edinburgh), Anabel Cerezo (Malaga), Frederiek de Vlaming (Amsterdam), Renée Kool (Utrecht), Maarten Kunst (Leiden), Frida Wheldon (Edinburgh), Sanja Copic (Belgrade), Liliane Stevkovic (Belgrade), Susanna Vezzadinni (Bologna), Claudia Campistol (Lausanne), Leontien van der Knaap (Tilburg),Inge Vanfraechem (Leuven), Nina Persak (Ghent), Michael Kilchling (Freiburg), Sonja Leferink (Utrecht), Gemma Varona (San Sebastian), Sharie Tavcer (Calgary), , Tinneke van Camp (Sheffield), Ivo Aertsen (Leuven), Joanna Banach (Wroclaw), Antony Pemberton (Tilburg, secretary)

Members who so far accepted to be the part of the group:

Ivo Aertsen, Belgium
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic, Serbia
Ljiljana Stevkovic, Serbia

Chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., INTERVICT, Tilburg University

Contact: INTERVICT, Tilburg University