Co-chairs: Fiore Geelhoed and Damián Zaitch

Cultural Criminology has set solid foot on European grounds. In various EU countries criminologists delve deeply into issues related to the meaning of crime, identities, subcultural styles, and their relation to contemporary culture and social reactions to crime. They do this by using qualitative research methods such as ethnography, visual and virtual methods or discourse analysis, and they look crime and deviance from various perspectives and academic disciplines. A growing number of books, articles and journals, both in the UK and continental Europe, reflect a fruitful intellectual production by junior and senior cultural criminologists.

This Working Group offers a platform for ESC members with an interest in cultural criminological research to present and exchange their findings and to inspire new research and international initiatives.


To stimulate research and share knowledge in the field of Cultural Criminology.


Following from this aim, the Cultural Criminology Working Group has the following objectives:

  • To further the development of Cultural Criminology as a field of criminological study
  • To promote contact between European researchers with an interest in Cultural Criminology
  • To exchange knowledge and compare findings from different European countries to increase criminological understanding
  • To stimulate critical, international discussion of cultural criminological research findings
  • To share experiences with qualitative research methods applied in the field of Cultural Criminology
  • To foster and develop internationally funded research projects
  • To organize international meetings of cultural criminologists, such as panels at the annual ESC conferences and recurrent International Cultural Criminology Conferences (several already held in London, Utrecht and Amsterdam).


  • The first working group meeting at the ESC conference in September 2014
  • Organization of the second International Cultural Criminology Conference to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (VU University) in June/July 2015


ESC-members interested in research in the field of Cultural Criminology are welcome to join this working group. To join the working group and to receive further information, you can contact Fiore Geelhoed, VU University Amsterdam (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Damián Zaitch, Utrecht University (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).