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Plans for 2014/15


To develop the field of drug policy research, with a particular focus on research on the creation and effect of supra-national, national and local policies in Europe.


Any member of both the International Society of the Study or Drug Policy and the European Society of Criminology who wishes to participate.

People who are members of only one or neither of these Societies would be welcome to participate in some of the activities of the group (e.g. meetings at conferences), but could not be a formal member of the group.

Potential working methods (for discussion)

  • Dissemination of research findings at ISSDP and ESC conferences, through panel sessions and workshops.

  • Joint publications by members. These could include:
    1. Special issues of journals (e.g. European Journal of Criminology, International Journal of Drug Policy.)
    2. Edited collections.
    3. Jointly authored reports and books.

  • Development of new studies and research projects, through:
    1. Sharing data and methods
    2. New research funding proposals (including to the European Commission).

First steps

Setting up a panel each of the conferences of the ESC and ISSDP in 2014.

  • A panel on 'problems and advances in international, comparative drug policy research' was held at the ISSDP conference in March 2014.
  • ESC is hosting plenary session on drug policy at the 2014 conference.
  • A join ESC/ISDP, 'Beyond the Criminalisation of Drug Use', is being held at the ESC conference in September 2015.
  • We will host an ESC/ISSDP panel on European drug policy at the 2015 conference of the ISSDO in 2015 (Ghent, 20-22 May 2015).
  • Future activities to be discussed at the ESC and ISSSP in 2014/15.

For more information:

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